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Rules for any petz adopted from me

- My petz kennel/cattery prefix is Cargo
- Please keep it at the front of your pet's showname as Cargo/Your prefix's or just Cargo's if you show
- If no longer wanted, please MPA or delete, or you can always return petz to
- You can brex or change anything on bred petz from me
- For hexed petz, functional edits are perfectly ok (texture path changes, hexing to trotter/trickster etc), but please don't change the appearance without asking
- For PKC-registerable petz, registering and showing is never required, but if you do please list "Mandi" as the breeder/hexer. You can make appearance changes on PKC petz as needed.


No limit on freebie adoptions, just try to be courteous of others who may want to adopt too
One (1) pet per person per hexed/natural litter
Hexed litters: Please write a little about why you want the pet (an old fashioned written application) or I'll happily take hexed or art trades (esp art of Luna!)
MPAs: Short written applications for these please!

Bred petz are all high generation, inbred, assumed hexed lineage, and tree-trimmed lineage, except when stated otherwise
No bred petz here are genexed or have .pet hexed eyelids, all traits were bred/selected naturally

Official Pet Adoption Paperwork

You are: 
Petz name(s): 
Any comments: 

To apply please copy-paste and email this form to  with "Adopt" somewhere in the title

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