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Info for any petz adopted from me

- My petz kennel/cattery show prefix is Cargo
- If no longer wanted, please MPA or delete, or you can always return petz to
- You can brex or change anything on bred petz from me
- For hexed petz, functional edits are perfectly ok (texture path changes, hexing to trotter/trickster etc), but please don't change the appearance without asking

- Bred petz are all high generation, inbred, assumed hexed lineage, and tree-trimmed lineage, except when stated otherwise (such as a non-inbred line)
- No bred petz adoptions here have .pet hexed eyelids or eye colors, all color traits are original unless stated as brexed
- I don't personally like genexing, so no bred petz from me have been genexed or (as much as I can control) bred from known genexed lines

Arlo, a 3rd generation-SGCh. line puppy bred here

Adoption Rules

- One (1) pet per person per hexed/natural litter, no limit on freebie page adoptions
- No limit on total adoptions applied for at one time, just try to be courteous of others who might want to adopt too
- Natural litters and freebie page adoptions are freebies
- Hexed litters: Short written applications or offer a trade please, I just want to read a little about why you want the pet :)
- MPAs: Short written applications for these please!

Official Pet Adoption Paperwork

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Petz name(s): 
Any comments: 

To apply please copy-paste and email this form to

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