Natural Litters

SGCh. Final Countdown x SGCh. Biolum

FinBioM1 - FinBioM2 - FinBioM3

Tamsin Dalmatian mixes / 10th generation non-inbred, not full pedigree, all my own lines
M1 and M2 carry Papillon blazes and will need the P5 Papillon in P3/4

Pluto x Igor

PluIgoM1 - PluIgoM2 - PluIgoM3 - PluIgoM4 - PluIgoM5

Standard Poodle mixes
These are all Great Dane size
M3 and M4 have all Poodle shape and Poodle personalities, the other three have Dane personality
M1 and M3 have self eyelids

Artifice x Oscar Isaac

ArOsM1 - ArOsM2 - ArOsM3

Russian Blue mixes / Bred with the Smoke & Tabby MC and an unreleased Orange Shorthair overwrite
These are all naturally big-eyed RBs (114-ish default scale)
M1 has hidden white markings, and also has alley sickness
M2 has Orange Shorthair coat and comes with external textures
M1 and M2 have Alley ears, M3 has Maine Coon ears, and M2 has an Alley tail

Chameleon x Bartemius

ChaBarF1 - ChaBarF2 - ChaBarF3 - ChaBarM1 - ChaBarM2

Persian mixes / Bred with an unreleased Orange Shorthair overwrite
These are all naturally big-eyed Persians (110-ish default scale)
F1 has full hidden white markings, F2 has a chest patch and tail tip
F3's eyecolor is a fluke
M1 has Orange Shorthair coat and comes with external textures

Poseidon x Tonic

PosTonF1 - PosTonF2 - PosTonF3 - PosTonF4 - PosTonF5

Calico mixes / Bred with an unreleased Orange Shorthair overwrite
All of these have Orange Shorthair coat and come with external textures
All girls!
F2's eyecolor is a fluke, it's really nice next to her coat colors I think

Toxicity x Siphon

ToxSipF1 - ToxSipF2 - ToxSipF3 - ToxSipF4 - ToxSipM1 - ToxSipM2

Calico mixes / Bred with an unreleased Orange Shorthair overwrite
F3 and F4 have Orange Shorthair coat and come with external textures
F2 and F3 have self eyelids
F4 has a Maine Coon body (I'm trying to breed other-bodies out of my Cali lines) but her colors were too good not to keep!

Maple x Berlin

MapBerF1 - MapBerF2 - MapBerM1 - MapBerM2 - MapBerM3

Orange Shorthair mixes
All of these are normal OSH size as adults
These all have Cali tails and non-Oshie body shape

Ottilie x Spinosaur

OtSpF1 - OtSpF2 - OtSpM1 - OtSpM2

Orange Shorthair mixes
The first three are normal OSH size as adults, M2 is just slightly bigger and has Persian personality
These are all non-Oshie body shape
The white ones all have hidden white markings

Amena x Frankadoodle

AmFrF1 - AmFrF2 - AmFrM1 - AmFrM2 - AmFrM3

Siamese mixes / Bred with an unreleased Orange Shorthair overwrite
F1 has Orange Shorthair coat and comes with external textures
F2 and M2 have self eyelids
M2 and M3 have Cali feet

Mimi x Laser

MiLaF1 - MiLaF2 - MiLaF3 - MiLaF4 - MiLaM1

Maine Coon mixes / Bred with my Smoke & Tabby MC overwrite
These are all full size Maine Coons
F1 and F2 have Persian feet

Hina x Wisp

HinWisF1 - HinWisF2 - HinWisM1 - HinWisM2 - HinWisM3

Velveteen B+W Shorthair mixes
F1 and F2 have/carry Desert Lynx markings and will need the P5 Desert Lynx in P3/4
M1 Oshie shakes

Cassandra x Farquard

CasFarF1 - CasFarF2 - CasFarF3 - CasFarM1 - CasFarM2 - CasFarM3

Velveteen B+W Shorthair mixes
F1's eyecolor is a fluke mutation

SGCh. Mint Chocolate x SGCh. Toll

MinTolF1 - MinTolF3 - MinTolM1 - MinTolM2 - MinTolM3 - MinTolM4

Purebred Dalmatians / Bred with a liver spot overwrite
F1 and M3's brown coats were both new mutations! They have hidden spots
M1 and M2 trot

SGCh. Rhapsody x SGCh. Retina

RhaRetF1 - RhaRetF2 - RhaRetF3 - RhaRetM1 - RhaRetM2

Mantle Great Dane mixes / Bred with Jesse's merle Border Collie Dali overwrite
Lightly brexed their muzzle markings only
F1 and M1 have Dali ears, the other three have Mutt ears
F3's eyecolor is a fluke

SGCh. Jakkepoes x SGCh. Charms

JakChaF1 - JakChaF2 - JakChaF3 - JakChaM1 - JakChaM2

Calico mixes / Bred with my Patchy Cali overwrite
F1, M1 and M2 have Maine Coon face stripes, not BWS ones

Fiano x Canterbury

FiCaF1 - FiCaF2 - FiCaF3 - FiCaF4 - FiCaM1

Tabby mixes / Bred with my Bicolor BWS and an unreleased Tabby pattern overwrite
All of these have black eyelids
M1 comes with one external texture
F1's eyecolor is a fluke

Effie x Grover #2

EffGroF1 - EffGroM1 - EffGroM2

Purebred Scotties / 8th generation non-inbred
M2's eyecolor is a fluke

Elinoah x Stunner

EliStuF1 - EliStuF2 - EliStuF3 - EliStuM1 - EliStuM2 - EliStuM3

Great Dane mixes
F1, F3 and M1 have Poodle legs, F1 also has a Poodle tail
F3 trots
F3 and M1 have fluke eyecolors

Bright x Jakie

BriJakF1 - BriJakF2 - BriJakF3 - BriJakF4 - BriJakM1

Tamsin Dalmatian mixes
F3 and F4 trot

Zime x Senko

ZimSenF2 - ZimSenF3 - ZimSenM2 - ZimSenM3 - ZimSenM4

Scottie mixies
F1 has a Poodle tail and M4 has a Sheepie bobtail
F1, F3 and M1 have Poodle personalities

LiuLiu x Guide

LiuGuiF1 - LiuGuiF2 - LiuGuiF3 - LiuGuiF4 - LiuGuiF5 - LiuGuiM1

Tamsin Dalmatian mixes
F1, F3, F5 and M1 have Labrador coats, the other two carry for it!

Maritime x Raptor

MaRaF1 - MaRaF2 - MaRaF3 - MaRaM1 - MaRaM2 - MaRaM3

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Alley Cat mixes
F1, M2 and M3 have Persian personalities like their mom
F3 is naturally big eyed
The white ones have full hidden B+WS markings

Oats x Saddletree

OatSadF1 - OatSadM1 - OatSadM2 - OatSadM3 - OatSadM4

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Polish Lowland Sheepdog selective breed Sheepdog mixes / Bred with my Sheepie eye size fix overwrite
These are all normal Sheepie shape but slightly mini
The white ones have hidden white Mutt markings
M1 and M4 have fluke eyecolors
These all trot

Lamb x Oats

LamOatF1 - LamOatF2 - LamOatM1 - LamOatM2 - LamOatM3 - LamOatM4

Sheepdog mixes / Bred with my Sheepie eye size fix overwrite
M1 has Great Dane ears and M3 has Poodle ears
F1 and M1 have double snout patches and M3 and M4 have hidden Dali spots
M3 and M4 do not trot

Yelt x Vintry

YelVinF1 - YelVinF2 - YelVinF3 - YelVinM1 - YelVinM2 - YelVinM3 - YelVinM4

Mutt mixes
F1 and M1 trot
M2's eyecolor is a fluke

SGCh. Pretty x SGCh. Aguila

PreAguF1 - PreAguF2 - PreAguM1 - PreAguM2

Labrador mixes
All but F2 have Sheepie ears, and F1 and M1 have Sheepie tails
F2's eyecolor is a fluke
F1 is a twin of her great-grandfather Filament and M2 is a twin of their dad!

Francois x Peaky

FraPeaF1 - FraPeaF2 - FraPeaF3 - FraPeaM1 - FraPeaM2 - FraPeaM3

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Pekingese selective breed Pug mixes / Bred with the Reverie/Kizmet P5 Pug overwrite
All but M1 have Sheepdog ears, M1 has Dali ears
M1 trots
F1 and M2's eyecolors are flukes

Zimmer x Thane

ZimThaF1 - ZimThaF2 - ZimThaF3 - ZimThaF4 - ZimThaM1 - ZimThaM2

Scottie mixes
F2, F3 and M1 have Bulldog ears
F1, F2, F3 and F4 have Poodle tails
F1 and M2 have Chihuahua white markings
All of these have black eyelids

Goldie x Rent

GolRenF1 - GolRenF2 - GolRenF3 - GolRenM1 - GolRenM2 - GolRenM3

Bulldog mixes
F1, F2, F3 and M2 have Dali ears
F1, M1 and M3 have Chihuahua white markings
F1's eyelids are self

Pirca x Muffin

PirMufF1 - PirMufF2 - PirMufM1 - PirMufM2

Chihuahua mixes
All have Dachshund ears
All but F1 trot

SGCh. Canida x SGCh. Security

CanSecF1 - CanSecF2 - CanSecF3 - CanSecM1 - CanSecM2

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Dachshund mixes
F1 and F2 have Poodle legs
F2 and M1 have Dali ears

SGCh. Talkie x SGCh. Barr

TalBarF1 - TalBarF2 - TalBarF3 - TalBarM1 - TalBarM2 - TalBarM3 - TalBarM4

Great Dane mixes
All but F2 and M3 trot

Thread x Yew Tree

ThYeF1 - ThYeF2 - ThYeF3 - ThYeM1 - ThYeM2

Tabby mixes
F3 has cali ears, the rest have tabby ears
F1's eyelids are black

SGCh. Aruba x SGCh. Cocktail

AruCtM1 - AruCtM2 - AruCtM3 - AruCtM4 - AruCtM5

Calico mixes / Bred with my Patchy Cali and Bicolor B+WS overwrites
All are fully Calico shape
M1 and M4 have hidden white markings
M3 and M5 have the rare full-colored ears

SGCh. Lana x SGCh. Sideout

LanSidF1 - LanSidM1 - LanSidM2

Tamsin Dalmatian mixes

SGCh. Cold Nose x SGCh. Daguerre

CnDagF1 - CnDagF2 - CnDagF3 - CnDagM1

Tamsin Dalmatian mixes
Two generations SGCh. lineage on one side, and old lines on both sides
These are a Tamsin x purebred Dali crossing, they won't always pass down patches

Haunt x Flurry

HauFluF1 - HauFluF2 - HauFluF3 - HauFluF4 - HauFluM1

Labradoodle Labrador mixes
All of these have Poodle legs, Lab feet and Sheepie tails
F2, F3 and F4 trot

Forest x Fleamus

ForFleF1 - ForFleF2 - ForFleM1 - ForFleM2 - ForFleM3

Brexed Purebred Sheepdogs / 3rd generation non-inbred
These have mini default scales from their hexed-lineage mini Sheepie parents, and were brexed to be no-grow mini sheepies themselves

Willow x Silverine

WilSilF1 - WilSilF2 - WilSilF3 - WilSilF4 - WilSilM1 - WilSilM2

Purebred Labradors / Bred with a slightly modified BMD overwrite

Sticky x Koolaid

StiKooF1 - StiKooF2 - StiKooM1 - StiKooM2 - StiKooM3 - StiKooM4 - StiKooM5

Purebred Dalmatians

SGCh. Lucy Wells x SGCh. Fallon

LwFalF1 - LwFalF2 - LwFalM1 - LwFalM2 - LwFalM3 - LwFalM4

Purebred Poodles, bred with my AC coat Poodle overwrite / 7th generation non-inbred, 2 generations PKC registered and 2 generations SGChs
These are all selected for the perfect mini poodle size like their parents
F2 trots
PKC showing is not required, but if you want to PKC show feel free to brex their colors/textures to make them A-reg like their parents!

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