Natural Litters

SGCh. Thistle x SGCh. Eliot

ThElF1 - ThElF2 - ThElF3 - ThElF4 - ThElF5
ThElM1 - ThElM2 - ThElM3

Poodle mixies, bred with my Show Coat overwrite / all are Toy size like their mom as adults
F2 has short Dachie legs
F3, F5 and M1 have Dane bodies like their dad
F3 and M3 have self eyelids

New line Non-inbred Dalmatians

O14 - O39 - O40 - O45 - O63

Purebred spotlacking Dalmatians / 6th generation non-inbred, hex-free, full pedigree, all Cargo lines
O40 has 5 spots, the rest have 1-2 each
These all have 0 or 1 independence goal descriptor levels, and they did all pose in the first one or two actions for the camera!

Hiemal x Helsing

HieHel1 - HieHel2 - HieHel3 - HieHel4 - HieHel5

Calico mixes with old lines
2 and 3 don't show BWS white markings but they do carry them
1 and 4 have colored BWS coat snouts, 5 does not
2 and 5 have mid-finnickiness so they Siamese run like their dad

SGCh. Wish x SGCh. Celestren

WisCel1 - WisCel2 - WisCel3 - WisCel4 - WisCel5 - WisCel6

Purebred spotlacking Dalmatians
2 has one spot on her tail only, the rest have between 2 and 5 spots each
4's eyelid are black
Both parents are SGChs, and there are several others a few generations up on Celestren's side!

PKC Ch. Clove x PKC Ch. Flannel

CloFlaF1 - CloFlaM1 - CloFlaM2 - CloFlaM3 - CloFlaM4

Purebred Labradors / 6th generation non-inbred all Cargo lines, 1 generation PKC registered
PKC showing is not required, but you can click the parents' names for their PKC profiles
All except M1 have dark muzzle patches

Airhead x Tardis

AirTar1 - AirTar2 - AirTar3 - AirTar4 - AirTar5 - AirTar6

Purebred Sheepies, bred with my eyesize and eye fluff overwrites / 9th generation non-inbred, hex-free, all Cargo lines
3, 5, and 6 have eye fluff
3, 4, and 6 have long tails

PKC Ch. Kalea x PKC Ch. Mallard

KalMalF1 - KalMalF2 - KalMalF3 - KalMalF4 - KalMalM1

Purebred Dalmatians / 6th generation non-inbred with Laurelin @ Heartlight and my lines
PKC showing is not required, but these pups all have good PKC spot patterns and have had 1 pose training session!

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