Natural Litters

SGCh. Granted x SGCh. Scizzors

GraSciF1 - GraSciF2 - GraSciM1 - GraSciM2 - GraSciM3 - GraSciM4

Harli and Hound Great Dane mixies with old lines, bred with an alternate spot Dali overwrite
All have fully Dane bodies
M4 has one self ear and F2 has both self
The white ones don't have hidden Mutt markings

SGCh. Dina x SGCh. Taj

DinTajF1 - DinTajM1 - DinTajM2 - DinTajM3 - DinTajM4

Calico mixies with old lines, bred with my patchy Cali overwrite
All except F1 have their dad's mysterious orange facestripe!
(It isn't mysterious, just from a hexed file- but for years I thought it was the rarest of natural mutations so now it's fun for his kittens to have it too)

PKC Ch. Clove x PKC Ch. Flannel

CloFlaF1 - CloFlaM1 - CloFlaM2 - CloFlaM3 - CloFlaM4

Purebred Labradors / 6th generation non-inbred all Cargo lines, 1 generation PKC registered
PKC showing is not required, but you can click the parents' names for their PKC profiles
All except M1 have dark muzzle patches

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