Natural Litters

Forest x Fleamus

ForFleF1 - ForFleF2 - ForFleM1 - ForFleM2 - ForFleM3

Brexed Purebred Sheepdogs / 3rd generation non-inbred
These have mini default scales from their hexed-lineage mini Sheepie parents, and were brexed to be no-grow mini sheepies themselves

Praline x Abalone

AbaPraF1 - AbaPraF2 - AbaPraF3 - AbaPraF4 - AbaPraF5 - AbaPraM1

Pet Trim Sheepdog mixes / Bred with my eyesize overwrite
All of these have Poodle legs and Lab bodies
F4 has a bobtail, the rest are long
F5 is the only one who trots

Rizzo x Opera

RizOpeF1 - RizOpeF3 - RizOpeM1 - RizOpeM2 - RizOpeM3

Sheepdog mixes / Bred with my eyesize overwrite
F1 and M1 do poodle poses and F1 poodle runs
F1 and M2 do not trot
F3's self eyelids are 99 (not 59)

SGCh. Oryan x SGCh. Frostee FDX

OrFrF1 - OrFrF2 - OrFrF3 - OrFrF4 - OrFrM1 - OrFrM2

Purebred Dalmatians / 7th generation non-inbred, hex-free, selected for low independence and high acrobaticness
F2, F3 and F4 are spotlacking with just 1-3 spots each

Crumble x Halpert

CruHalF1 - CruHalF2 - CruHalF3 - CruHalM1 - CruHalM2

Meezer Pointed Cali (MPC) Calico mixes

Willow x Silverine

WilSilF1 - WilSilF2 - WilSilF3 - WilSilF4 - WilSilM1 - WilSilM2

Purebred Labradors / Bred with a slightly modified BMD overwrite

Sticky x Koolaid

StiKooF1 - StiKooF2 - StiKooM1 - StiKooM2 - StiKooM3 - StiKooM4 - StiKooM5

Purebred Dalmatians

Carrot x Doom

CaDoF1 - CaDoF2 - CaDoM1 - CaDoM2

Purebred Sheepdogs / Bred with my eyesize overwrite
F1 and M2 are bobtailed
M1 could be PKC A-registered if desired

SGCh. Lucy Wells x SGCh. Fallon

LwFalF1 - LwFalF2 - LwFalM1 - LwFalM2 - LwFalM3 - LwFalM4

Purebred Poodles, bred with my AC coat Poodle overwrite / 7th generation non-inbred, 2 generations PKC registered and 2 generations SGChs
These are all selected for the perfect mini poodle size like their parents
F2 trots
PKC showing is not required, but if you want to PKC show feel free to brex their colors/textures to make them A-reg like their parents!

Aurana x Dusk

AurDusF1 - AurDusF2 - AurDusM1 - AurDusM2 - AurDusM3

Purebred Labradors

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