Natural Litters

SGCh. Lucy Wells x SGCh. Fallon

LwFalF1 - LwFalF2 - LwFalM1 - LwFalM2 - LwFalM3 - LwFalM4

Purebred Poodles, bred with my AC coat Poodle overwrite / 7th generation non-inbred, 2 generations PKC registered and 2 generations SGChs
These are all selected for the perfect mini poodle size like their parents
F2 trots
PKC showing is not required, but if you want to PKC show feel free to brex their colors/textures to make them A-reg like their parents!

Darla x Carlton

DarCarF1 - DarCarM1 - DarCarM2 - DarCarM3 - DarCarM4 - DarCarM5

Purebred Great Danes / Bred with harlequin and mantle floppy Dane overwrites from Vintage Petz

Crash x Vantage

CrVaF1 - CrVaF2 - CrVaF3 - CrVaM1 - CrVaM2 - CrVaM3

Calico mixies / Bred with my patchy Cali and bicolor BWS overwrites
All have Calico bodies and tails
F2 and M3 Siamese run (mid/high finickiness) and F3 oshy shakes (low confidence)
F3, M1 and M2's eyelids aren't self, they are 59 (F3 and M2) and 99 (M1)

SGCh. Neeva x SGCh. Nox

NeeNoxF1 - NeeNoxF2 - NeeNoxF3 - NeeNoxM1 - NeeNoxM2 - NeeNoxM3

Tamsin Dalmatian mixies
F1, F2, M1 and M2 trot

Aurana x Dusk

AurDusF1 - AurDusF2 - AurDusM1 - AurDusM2 - AurDusM3

Purebred Labradors

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