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Hexed Chinchilla Persians

Cheshire Cat

Cargo's I'm Not All There Myself...

Origin: Me
DOB: 5/16/2022


PKC Ch. / SGCh. Outtumbll Crash and Shimmer

PKC#: A182329
Generation: 1st
Origin: Hexed by Delighy
DOB: 11/7/2019

Pose Show Points: 34


Aniseed/Cargo's --

Origin: Delighy, via TFM
DOB: 6/9/2019


Cargo's --

Origin: Me
DOB: New Years Day, 2022
Comments: He isn't strong enough to push through the swinging pet door at his full size, but as a baby he can fit underneath it ;~; (thanks to Arie for this lore)

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Purebred Chinchilla Persians

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Mixed Chinchilla Persians


Cargo's Wales Psalm

Origin: Me
DOB: 1/7/2020


Cargo's --

Origin: Me
DOB: 1/29/2020


Bec/Cargo's --

Origin: Bec, via PUGS
DOB: unknown (date in profile is wrong)


Cargo's --

Origin: Me
DOB: 5/24/2020
Comments: Milkweed's nephew. He has a Persian body with his Chinchilla Persian face!

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