Everything here works on my own computer, but always use downloaded content at your own risk - and remember to keep backups of your original game files.

Spooky Family Room (Family Room overwrite)

With working green flames fireplace!

Download for Petz 4

Purple Rug Clothes Closet (Clothes Closet overwrite)

I'm sure lots of people who know more about playscenes than I do already knew this, but when you look at the actual bmp in the Clothes Closet, the rug was meant to be purple! It uses one of the colors which to my knowledge hasn't ever worked in P3/4 (234 in the palette).

This version replaces that non-working purple color with 225, so you can have a purple(ish) rug in your game.

Download for Petz 4

Sunrise Beach (Beach overwrite)

Made for a gameplay challenge in the 2021 Duke's Group Summer Olympics.

Download for Petz 4

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