Everything here works on my own computer, but always use downloaded content at your own risk - and remember to keep backups of your original game files.

(Unofficial) PKC Title Certificates for picture frames


Dustbunny Mice overwrite

For use with Carolyn's Easy Edit Mice: Click for setup and instructions on Carolyn's Creations, and CTRL+F "Easy-edit Case, AC door, and mice etc for petz 4"

Download for Petz 4

Photo Mats for Picture Frames
APRIL 2019

Right Click -> Save just the ones you'd like, or download the whole set including the PSD master file with color-picking layers to coordinate with your photos.

You will need an image editing program to use these, but then just layer the mat over your tiny pictures. Final image size should be 100 x 70 px for the original game frames, saved as .bmp, and color depth decreased to 256 colors (I made mine with Photopea and Irfanview, which are both free!).

Download Pack plus PSD Master file

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