External textures made or modified by me, and free for anyone to use! Some of these are also accepted for use on PKC-registered petz - make sure you check the PKC Texture Library and Docs for allowed usage and color combinations.

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Color Manipulation Textures - Bunny (200+ textures)

Two-color mixes to simulate new colors, modified from the in-game bunnytan.bmp.

Color Manipulation Textures - Soft (300+ textures)

A nice soft texture for fur or clothes, in a large variety of two-color mixes to simulate new colors.

Color Manipulation Textures - Halftone (170 textures)

1 pixel halftone (50% dithered) textures to simulate colors we don't have in the petz color chart. These ones are best used for paintballs, blending or small details rather than large areas or whole petz - they flash or shake as the pet moves so use with discretion and at your own risk.

Hairless/Clipped/Skin solid colors

Recolors of the in-game Poodle's skin1.bmp. These have not been PKC-accepted.

Ivory/Light Cream solid colors

Recolors of the in-game cali5.bmp, for anywhere that a color between white and cream is needed. These have not been PKC-accepted.

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Textures from my overwriting breeds

Chinchilla Persian overwrite textures

Modified from the original stripe3.bmp. The pink one is from my V1 Chinchilla Persian overwrite if you have any adopted petz that need it!

Bull Terrier overwrite textures

Nose.bmp is by Rissa @ Paranoia - I don't know if it's still available anywhere else, but it is excellent for textured noses and small details.

Maine Coon overwrite textures

Modified from the original Maine Coon and Tabby breed textures.
Place the entire included subfolder 'mainecoon' in your Resource\Catz folder like this: Resource\Catz\mainecoon\

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PKC Textures

PKC Accepted

Pigment Spots
PKC Accepted

PKC Accepted

Solid Colors
PKC Accepted

PKC Accepted

Tabby (123 textures)
PKC Accepted

Ticking (128 textures)
PKC Accepted

PKC Accepted

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