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Community Centers and Resources

Whiskerwick - General petz forum with monetary system
RKC Petz Forum - General petz forum
Duke's Group - Petz forum focused on naturally raising and getting to know your petz
Petz Kennel Club (PKC) - Realistic dogz and catz show organization
Petz Kennel Club Breedfile Hosting
Milk - Babyz forum with monetary system, wealth of hexing resources, and frequent fun events - Babyz resource site
Seeing Stars - Petz horse showing forum
Seeing Stars' Site - Petz horse resources

The Flea Market (TFM) - Petz auction marketplace
Petz Universal Game Site (PUGS) - Petz marketplace

Sherlock Software - Petza and our most essential petz modding tools
Carolyn's Creations - *gestures to all of it*
Yabiko by Reflet - GenePoolz, PetzFlux, the petz hacking discord
Petz Site Directory by Megan

Some Really Good Petz Websites (a-z)

(Last dusted: March 2022)

Acid Trip by Asiyd
Aida by Sharon
Alchemy by Hanako
Alive Enough by skissors
Alohomora by Kathleen
Alternia by Spades
Amy's Petz Place by Amy
Aniseed by Delighy
Aussome by Cath
Autumn Pumpkin Kennelz & Patchwork Catteryz by Koda
Avalik River Kennelz by Ashley
[BAD_DEATH] by the Skinstealers
Black Mist Crittery by Meer
ButterflyFieldz by ButterflyChaser
Canis Coyote Kennelz by Rowan
Chimes by Cherry
Cirrutopia by Andi
Clearwater Kennels & Cattery by Tybaxel
Cookie Planet Cattery by Mouse
Cremelo by Bunni
Crushing Petz by CRUSH - Guides and links to even more resources
Cyborg by Victorian Cyborg
December by Lee
Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca
Epiphany by Mar
Errata Kennelz by Markie
Felidae by Breanna
Filigree by Semicolon
Filthy Hippie by Celia
Fleabagz by BoardwalkSue
Flummery by Amber
Folderol by Lobb
Freefall by Joni
Funfetti by Bunni
Gingerade's Brewery by Gin
Gingerbread - Tons of really good toyz and downloads
Gossipin by Mkay and Manda
Harvest by Scribble
Hemlighet by Sasha
Hypersweet by Samipiplup
In Flore by Mouse
Insanity Ranch by Dew
Just Dandy by Penny
Kai's Petz Crewz by Kai
Kalium's Petz Place by Kalium
Reddy hexed by PeachPup KGMK by Kayota
Kizmet by Shaina
Lemonade by Lyric
Litterz Factory by Arie
Lunar Lex Petz by Lex
Medusa by Buck
Mona by Mona
Moonflower by Alena
Mos Eisley by Salem
Mythic Silence by ECRose
Myth's Lair by Mythpawlogy
NightShade's Petz by Shade
Oasis by Megan
Pawzative Attitude by Emmer
PearFlower by ParanoiaPaige
Petz 'R Us by Jess
Petzcape by RodentLibrary
Phantasmagoria by Queenie
PhantomBark Kennels by Nyro
polygondwanaland by gyiyg
Poppy Hill by Nebula
Powerhouse by Commander
Rainbow Roadhouse by PeachPup
Reverie by Jewellz - P4 Hot Keys, and has bundled fixed P5 breeds for P4
RhoPetz by Rho
SaddestMetronome by Akodara
Sardonyx by Aubrey
Serenity by Raine
Shipwreck by Bard
Silversheene Petz by Silver
StancyMcKatt's Petz by StancyMcKatt
Sugarmice by Becca
Swallowtail by Silverfish
Tails of the Grotesque by Klomonx
The Wild Road by Nightwish
Unique Petz by Melissa
Vampyre Petz by Star
Vanity by Nena
Wapiti by Hjort
Watervale by Alexzander
Waverly Academy by Pinto
Wild Abyss of Angels by CatCreature
Zyphire by Rachel

Helpful Links (in no particular order, just added as I accumulate them)

~petz stamp collecting!~
InfoDog - Realistic dog breed references
Pet Names by Chinaroad
Spider's Guide to Trickster Petz
Babyz Circle Generator by ButterflyGirl
Gaming's Forgotten Petz Subculture and the Women Who Shaped It | The Mary Sue
The Petz Museum
PFMice page on Carolyn's Creations
Acid Trip 2019 Advent Calendar - full game downloads
Let'z Play Petz
Petzcord Advent 2019
Wayback Petz - ID clash checker
Petz Site Directory
Shade's Petzies templates
RKC Prefixes thread
WW Prefix archive
Intron/Exon - pre-GenePoolz but still helpful information to better understand petz breeding
Hexpedia - excellent hexing tutorials by Midnightwolf, Star, and more
Random Word Generator
gyiyg's Changing Internal Toy Adjectives tutorial (also on polygondwanaland)
Shaina's Personality Discussion thread
Meowlissa's Petz Litter Pic Generator
Carolyn's Hexing Yarn Ball Tails tutorial
Messybeast Cat Genetics

Waybacked Memories - c. 1997 - c. 1998 - c. 1999 - c. 2000 - c. 2004 - c. 2000

Doctor Who toy by Mandi @ MPHK

Supernova - c. 2012
Oddballz Neo - c. 2002
Faerie Barn Dance - c. 2008
Paranoia - c. 2010
Emerald Gate Pigz - c. 2005
Anso's Petz 4 - c. 2000
Amenity / Rosestone's Breed Files - c. 2005
Dogz Kennel Club (DKC) - c. 2005
Dogz Kennel Club (DKC) - c. 2006
PetzGallery - c. 2003
Kennel Club Association (KCA) - c. 2005
Neverwas - c. 2005
A Petz Site - c. 2005
Sabre - c. 2010
Velvet Paws - c. 2001
Kats - c. 2005 Adoptables by Jesse
Abbaio - c. 2005
Abnormality Breeds - c. 2005
Flummery - c. 2010
The AAC - c. 2006
Lilliputz Miniatures
Ricky & Tess
Rainflower - c. 2001
Vickie's Woodland Park Breeding Center - c. 2005
Starswept - has the original Tamsin standard, c. 2006
Samhain - Hound standard, c. 2005
The Petz Source - c. 2004
Petz Kennel Club old site - c. 2004
Dogz Kennel Club - c. 2002
Just Taboo - c. 2003
Independent Breederz Society - c. 2005
Magonda - c. 2003
Abnormality - c. 2001
Splitters - c. 2003
Ortilla - c. 2001
VPZ Research Center
Vickie's Lepitaurs
Sand'z Cattery - c. 2001
PetzGallery - c. 2001
Sunshine Kennels - c. 2003
Anso's Petz 3 Quiz - c. 2000
Supernova Catz Breed Quiz
Supernova Dogz Breed Quiz
Diversity - c. 2011

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