December 2, 2022
~ Three new toyz downloads today: Package Boxes!
~ I hope everyone has a wonderful, exciting and love-filled holiday season!

Older Updates

November 15, 2022
~ V2 Amuse Mini Plush xmas ornaments are now on the toyz downloads page!

October 22, 2022
~ 1 new hexed litter today!
~ And a couple more new toyz downloads :>

October 18, 2022
~ A new toy download today, Tommy Pickles's toy ball :)

October 10, 2022
~ New toy download! The FishBone Bowl (finally)

October 8, 2022
~ New Gingham shirts and bows on the clothes downloads page :)

October 2, 2022
~ Three new playscenes for download today! With new playscene hosts and multiple toy and clothes items to go with them: Recolored South Seas Island, Evening Island, and the South Seas
~ If anyone hasn't taken a look yet, go check out Duke's Group's first Fall Festival! There are quite a lot of games running and prizes to win :)

September 10, 2022
~ New on the clothes downloads page: Pastel Rainbow Bows!

September 3, 2022
~ New cat overwrite today: Persian Chinchis!
~ Two new natural Sheepie litters
~ And wrote up two more selective breeds a few days ago (no download pairs yet though, sorry!)

August 26, 2022
~ A new hexed Cali litter added today!
~ A pack of recolored Shag Carpet playpen wallpapers/textures added to the wallpapers page
~ My pinned butterflies for picture frames from the frame art contest are now on the miscellaneous downloads page

August 20, 2022
~ Some new piratey toyz downloads added today!
~ (I still haven't decided owners or sent out the Muttlies yet, I'm sorry for the wait)

August 7, 2022
~ Two MPAs And two hexed litters added today (Muttlies)!

August 4, 2022
~ Added beachy wall decoration toyz and Treat Box pajamas downloads today!
~ Wrote up a standard for Mantle Danes on the selective breeds page, though I'm still working on a breeding pair download
~ Updated my stamp collection (god that page is too huge...I need to do something there) and there are a couple new stamps there to collect

July 16, 2022
~ Another new outfit and some toyz downloads have been added, hexed for the Duke's Group Summer Olympics :)

June 26, 2022
~ Some new clothes downloads added today! Ocean outfits and a scuba suit

June 8, 2022
~ Two new sets of textures finished and up for download today! Tabby stripe recolors and matching solid colors

June 4, 2022
~ The corgi litter has been sent to their new homes, and a few more natural adoptions have been added

May 29, 2022
~ 1 new hexed litter and 1 new natural litter added today :)
~ And a new pack of sunglasses on the clothes downloads page!

May 24, 2022
~ New summer items on the Toyz downloads page! I've been working on these ones since last summer haha and they are Finally Done

May 12, 2022
~ A new pack of textures added today! (and boy I really need to redo the textures download page)

May 7, 2022
~ A new show Poodle litter on the natural litters page today

April 27, 2022
~ Both pose shows have been judged and new ones are open for entries :)

April 21, 2022
~ A few new natural litters added!

March 26, 2022
~ Some new clothes downloads added today!

March 23, 2022
~ Spring update!! There are some new spring-themed toyz I've been working on on the toyz page today :)

March 4, 2022
~ New page added: we have an official Find-It now!

February 27, 2022
~ A new natural litter today!

February 24, 2022
~ Updated my stamp collection, and there are 2 new free stamps on the stamps page
~ Gallery page updated with new V-Day cards
~ Both shows have been judged (finally) and new ones are open again :)
~ Check out the new Petz Webring below! (And add your petz site if you have one!)

February 13, 2022
~ Happy almost Valentine's Day everyone!
~ I added some new winter-themed clothes and toy downloads earlier this month
~ A few new freebie adoptions up today

January 22, 2022
~ I've been updating my petz and added a bunch of new ones
~ A new natural litter added today!

December 29, 2021
~ Added a new breeding overwrite today: Dalico Dalis
~ FOUR new toyz now available to download! My christmas stockings and wreaths (originally for the Duke's Group Advent Calendar), two jack o'lantern baskets I forgot to add from Halloween, and a Petz Colors Soccer Ball I made back in summer

December 27, 2021
~ A new hexed litter today :)

December 12, 2021
~ Starting my yearly (apparently lol) crew update and added a bunch of new petz I've adopted!
~ There are 2 new natural litters, and a few hexed-by-me MPAs available

November 29, 2021
~ Added 1 new bred Dali litter :)

November 11, 2021
~ A new hexed litter added, Cryptic Danes!
~ There is a new Great Dane hex base on the downloads page

October 30, 2021
~ Halloween!!! Added new Halloween downloads on the toyz, clothes, area, playpen wallpapers and misc downloads pages

October 15, 2021
~ Added scans of my Petz 3 and Babyz manuals, for nostalgia :)
~ All of the extracted Petz and Babyz textures are now on the miscellaneous downloads page!
~ Added the Babyz playroom wallpaper to the playpen wallpapers page

October 8, 2021
~ Added 2 new natural litters a few days ago
~ Staff and ComPetitor Tees are on the clothes downloads page
~ Extracted playscenes on the miscellaneous downloads page
~ A new page: Clip Art!

September 25, 2021
~ 1 new hexed litter: Negative Dalis!
~ There has been a bit of an update on the trading cards page :>

September 17, 2021
~ Some new downloads today! Yarn Balls, Knit Bows, and a simple clothes closet recolor

September 8, 2021
~ Both shows have been judged, awards posted, and new shows opened up!
~ There are some new stamps on the stamps page

September 3, 2021
~ A new page: Gallery!
~ I've added all of my Flufflies from PUGS to the wildz page! And some other miscellaneous new petz

August 24, 2021
~ There is a playscene downloads page now with my first released playscene!
~ Added beach towels and umbrellas to the toyz downloads page
~ There is a new set of tees on the clothes page for Team Sunshine
~ And I've finally started working on pedigrees for my lines! Most (view pedigree) links still lead nowhere, but all of my original breeds lines are now done!

August 11, 2021
~ Is everyone sick of frisbees yet? Added 21 more new frisbees on the toyz page!
~ Added some new Poodles to my crew from my huge backlog of new adopted petz

August 1, 2021
~ There are some new sunflowers and a bunch of new frisbees on the toyz downloads page
~ And added two natural catz litters!

July 17, 2021
~ It's our one year of reopening anniversary!
~ There are some new sunglasses on the clothes downloads page B)

July 7, 2021
~ Added a new natural litter (SGCh. parent Poodles!)
~ New frisbees and packs for the DG Summer Olympics are on the toyz downloads page
~ There is a new page for petz trading cards
~ And I made a clique?!

June 24, 2021
~ There are two new free stamps on the stamps page!
~ Pose shows have been judged and new ones are now open :)

June 21, 2021
~ There is something new on the downloadable adoptions page!

June 13, 2021
~ Added a Persian overwrite today! Man feeling like I have no time for petz is really making me productive right now :D

June 10, 2021
~ Another overwrite added today! The Show Coat Poodle is now on the dogz downloads page.

June 1, 2021
~ I've finally added the rest of the Feral Colony Alley Cat overwrites! (I gave up trying to finish testing them- if anything isn't right I won't be able to fix it right away but please still let me know)

April 10, 2021
~ Added a natural litter of non-inbred Dalmatians!

April 5, 2021
~ There is 1 new hexed litter and a new litter on the downloadable adoptions page :) I hope everyone has had a good Easter!

March 20, 2021
~ Two new natural litters added :)

March 10, 2021
~ New toy downloads today! I made a whole lot of new Auto-Rolling Balls :)

March 7, 2021
~ Added one new natural litter!

February 28, 2021
~ The first pose shows are judged, and new ones are open to enter!

February 27, 2021
~ 2 new natural litters added :)
~ PKC wins and titles are up to date for January

February 15, 2021
~ Thank you everyone who has applied for the mutts!! I have not picked owners yet, I'm a little overwhelmed currently but I promise to get them sent out soon <3
~ Today I added my ENTIRE stamp collection to the stamps page, as well as some new downloadable stamp binder pages on the Downloads > Miscellaneous page!

February 7, 2021
~ Another hexed litter today! Paint Bucket Shepherd Mutts
~ Please don't be intimidated to apply for hexed litters!! (very few people actually apply, I think everyone assumes they will be too late) Just remember that hexies aren't freebies :)
~ ALSO finished and added my first new toyz in a while, a bunch of pet beds!

January 21, 2021
~ Added an early valentines hexed litter today :>

January 17, 2021
~ 3 new natural litters!
~ PKC results are up to date for December

January 10, 2021
~ Updated adoptions and added one new hexed litter!

January 6, 2021
~ Two purebred Sheepdog litters added!

December 31, 2020
~ Petz 5 versions for some of my breeding overwrites have been added
~ Added about 30 new petz (though I still have more to sort!), including a few holiday gifts and a bunch of PKC catz
~ PKC wins are up to date again
~ There is a new natural litter of purebred RBs!
~ We've all survived 2020 !!

December 24, 2020
~ Added a litter of Balinese for Christmas!

October 31, 2020
~ Happy Halloween!!
~ Snuck in a few more freebie adoptions

October 28, 2020
~ 2 natural litters added - purebred PKC Dalmatians
~ I've added some new PKC petz to my crew and all show results are up to date

October 15, 2020
~ 1 new natural litter and some spooky Alley mixie freebies added!

October 3, 2020
~ (Not an exciting updated but) PKC Show results are up-to-date for my pkc petz, and I've added a few new show petz (Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and a cute Chihuahua adopted from Kayota!)

August 31, 2020
~ Added some Tamsins to the freebie adoptions page :)

August 19, 2020
~ My Feral Colony Alley Cat overwrite is finally up for download! (I've been working on it since May of last YEAR)
~ This version is just the shape variations, but there is also one with added colors coming soon
~ I also made an Alley cat PJ set to celebrate :) (it's on the Downloads > clothes page)

August 13, 2020
~ There is a new catz breeding overwrite up! Red Eye Glow Siamese

August 9, 2020
~ Added a new batch of Calis to the freebie adoptions page :)
~ I could use a couple more catz show entries and then I'd be able to judge, if anyone else wants to enter?
~ (Later) Also updated PKC wins and titles on my petz for June/July shows

August 1, 2020
~ There is a new download on the Clothes page!

July 28, 2020
~ Two new natural litters added today :)

July 25, 2020
~ Merry Christmas in July!
~ 1 new hex added to my portfolio, and I made a thread on Whiskerwick where you can get one if anyone wants :)

July 22, 2020
~ New page! Selective Breeds under More
~ Both hexed litters have been fully adopted, thank you everyone who applied :)
~ Freebie adoptions have been restocked! (I probably won't update every time I add to these, feel free to check whenever you are passing through)

July 20, 2020
~ Added new Mutts to My Petz, which was the last breed in my backlog of PUGS/TFM additions to sort through :)
~ Added another hexed litter!

July 17, 2020
~ And we're back!

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