I'm Amanda or Mandi, welcome to my comfy patch of internet! This is a fan website for the 1990s virtual life PC games Petz 1-5, Oddballz and Babyz.

I've been playing since Petz 3 released in 1998, and Cargo as a website has existed since 2006. This is the ninth layout of Cargo - version playpen! I am filled with determination to run a full-service petz site again, you can find all of my downloads and other questionably useful things here in one place.

Navigate with the buttons on the carry case to your left! Layout is best viewed in 1920x1080.

- Amanda

My Petz Count:   Hexed Dogz: ? | Hexed Catz: ? | Natural Dogz: ? | Natural Catz: ? | Pose Show SGChs: 300+

Petz Kennel Club Stats:   Champions: 1000+ | Grand-Champions: 250+ | Group 1st: 400+ | Best in Show Winners: 80+

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Nena @ Vanity for hosting my sites on for 10+ years
Bre @ Felidae for making me All of my first website layouts

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