Ok I have a pet, now what can I do with it? You could get competitive and enter some Pose Shows! The built-in, original petz competition, PF. Magic included a "show stack" or "pose" action which both dogz and catz can perform. A perfectly timed and aligned shot is your pet's ticket to titles and glory.

New to petz showing? There are lots of guides scattered around the web, here are a few:

Dogz Posing & Judging Guide
Catz Posing & Judging Guide
The poodle pose guide

Current Open Shows

Mutt Mugz at Cargo Dogz Show #2 - 7/10 entries

Catz Pix at Cargo Catz Show #2 - 10/10 entries (FULL)

Show Info

- Standard pose show points awarded for placements BIS-HM
- Up to 3 entries per person per show
- Shows close at a minimum of 5, up to 10 entries (if I receive more all at once they'll roll over into the next show)
- Age 100 petz only
- Right-facing poses only
- Mutt Mugz shows are for ALL dogz pose types: profile-head "Dane" poses, camera-facing "Dali" poses, and both types of Poodle pose are all accepted in the same show. Catz Pix shows are for standard catz poses.
- Original breeds, realistic breeds, wild hybrids - all petz are welcome to enter. Each pet will be judged against the best of their own ability (or at least as far as I can determine)

How do I enter?

Email show entries to   cargopetz@gmail.com   with "Show" somewhere in the title

Tybalt, SGCh. Chaos/Felee's Yummy Gummy Worms

Include each entry's show name and call name, and remember to attach their pose pictures

Show Winners

Mutt Mugz at Cargo Dogz Show #1
Judged 2/28/2021

Catz Pix at Cargo Catz Show #1
Judged 2/28/2021

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