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Mini Tutorials

Guide to Sensible Breeding Projects

A really simple visual of how I like to break down breeding projects :)

How to use [No Texture Rotate] for clothes with graphics

The Babyz Community uses static graphics for clothes and I wanted to see if we could do the same thing in petz! I originally figured out this quartered-image format when I made my Coraline cat hex's texture eyes in 2011, and this graphic shows how I worked out to use it for clothes.

A Study in Poodle Poses

Inspired by Commander's Poodle pose guide on RKC, it's finally time to get some show points for your Poodles! To get the most centered or level pose, you want to angle your pup quite a bit Away from the camera (/ instead of -) while standing, because they will then turn slightly toward the camera when the Poodle Pose action happens.

A visual of how to get a more centered/parallel alignment in a Poodle pose!

Tabby Ear Colors

Bred Tabbies can have any of seven different ear types.

Recognizing Alley Tails

Alley Cats have three tail position variations in [Move]. Two point straight up in pose and the other shows the Z-shaped tail.


  • Toyz don't move or bounce around in the Playpen, so some PKC tasks where your pet has to walk or run through items are Much easier to complete there

  • Most dogz mixies with Mutt markings have 0/4 Mutt extensions - this is why the majority of Tamsins can never achieve level eyes in a perfectly aligned Dali pose, but purebred Dalmatians (14/8 exts) always can

  • Because Fur Color Area trait 5 ("jowls" color, visible as the muzzle color in some dogz breeds) never mutates, you can always tell which parent's side a pet has inherited by looking at the 5th color in Genepoolz

  • Black and Chocolate Labradors from the AC have black pawpads, but Yellow Labs have brown! The yellow variation's coat is also the only one with the dark muzzle marking

  • Labs don't have a Tail5 or Tail6 ball (they are omitted), so Lab tails can't show any tailtip markings except for the biggest of Dalmatian diptails

  • The Acrobaticness goal descriptor is an indicator of how well a dog can (or can't) catch the frisbee

  • Marking 1 in GenePoolz seems to be more tied to Paintball markings (chest patch, facestripe, spots), while Marking 2 correlates to Ball Color markings (like black Dali ears or BWS white tailtips)

  • New color mutations seem to only happen on the mother's side (Side 1 in genepoolz), so when you have one parent whose genes you want to pass on as-is make them the male, and the one you'd like to improve upon should be the female

  • Breeding projects can be a lot easier if you break them into small pieces: it takes just 16 AC first gens to make a full-pedigreed 5th gen pet, and eight 5th gen petz to get to 8th generation full-pedigree

  • It only takes two generations to combine any two breeds's traits, and only three to make it breed true

  • Converting a breed to Unibreed breaks some of the breed's personality data, but it's an easy way to get Alley Cats who aren't sick or skinny, and no Trotters will come out of the AC

  • Catz can be trotters too! They don't have a different walk action like dogz trotters do, but they do have the galloping run and they always fall when dropped

  • The in-game Bunny textures look like they are saved with the Babyz palette instead of the Petz palette - maybe this is why they do such weird things when set at transparency 1?

  • Paintballs placed at exactly 0, 0, 0 will be perfectly centered on the ball or addball no matter how the pet moves. It breaks right after you adopt a pet from the AC and put them away for the first time, but if you then go into the pet's .petfile and set it to 0, 0, 0 again, it seems to stay working.

  • Breeds which share the same Default Scales number can never swap personalities with each other in breeding. When you mix in a breed with a different scales number is when you'll start to see them mixing up!

  • In a show posing session with an uncooperative pet, frequently double-clicking in front of their face helps to keep their attention and can interrupt when they start to jump out of alignment. Lowering their energy to 20-30% and raising the neglect bar (simulating that you've already disciplined them for being bad) helps to keep their attention on the task at hand too - just remember to put it back to 0 before you put them away.

  • Natural eyecolors (the texturable color browns, reds, oranges, dusts and golds) are dominant over all the other eyecolors. If a pet inherits just one copy of a dominant eye color, it will always show it.

  • When you have a pet with an unfortunate ball roll (especially PKC breeds when trying to pose them), Restore Original Colors will reset everything to its original position

  • The White Shell from the beach plays ocean sounds wherever you take it

  • The Back Yard fence is hangable, you can put christmas lights or other small hangable items there

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