If you can find these Find-Its (small hidden images or secret clickable spots around the website), you'll be rewarded!

Wien's Lost Gems

Wien had just finished digging the most perfect hole to hide the jewels she brought back from her South Seas vacation -

But when she turned around to get them, they were gone!!!

Will you help her find them all? There were 7 different gems, they must be around here somewhere.

Have you found all 7 gems? Amazing! Follow the steps below for a small final prize, and to find out just who was behind this jewel thievery!

- Take the first letter from each hidden gem's secret word (so 7 letters total)
- Arrange those letters in alphabetical order
- Copy this URL into your address bar and replace the "REPLACE ME" part with those letters (all lowercase, with no spaces):

https://cargo-petz.neocities.org/images/stamps/REPLACE ME.png

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